Hi, I’m Jessica, and I’m a freelance copy and SEO content writer as well as a proofreader and editor.

cropped-jessica.pngI used to assume everyone enjoyed writing and got cheap thrills from secretly correcting grammar, but as more of my friends asked me to edit term papers, resumes, and write copy for their jobs, I realized this was not the case.After obtaining a degree in English, I spent the next few years desperately taking low-paying jobs with no creative outlet.

After years of being tired, not having enough time, not having enough money, and not being creatively challenged, it occurred to me that I could actually use my writing skills to swing a sword through all those problems.

And, as an added bonus, I could help non-writers express their ideas in a way that didn’t make their readers feel like they’re navigating a 10th grade math story problem.

I hear it time and time again:

“I’m just not good at writing.”

“We want our copy to have personality.”

“I need a something written, I just don’t have time to write it.”

I’M HERE TO HELP. Let’s break it down:

  • I am proficient in both writing and editing the English language.
  • I’ve written and edited/proofread a wide variety of copy including SEO, professional marketing content, articles, blog posts, and eBooks.
  • I will work with you to ensure the vision of your project is realized.
  • I don’t miss deadlines.


Chances are, if you’re reading this, you need some writing help. Maybe you’re a great writer, but you’re too busy. Maybe you’re not so good and you need someone to swoop in and save the day. Every relationship starts with a conversation, so let’s chat.

Introduce yourself…
jessica[at] writtenbyjess.com